Energy Made Easy: How to Choose the Right Energy Service for You

Not satisfied with your current energy provider?

Wondering if you’re getting the best value? You’re not alone. Nearly one-quarter of Australian households aren’t happy with their providers' overall delivery of electrical and gas services, and only 55 per cent of customers can easily understand pricing information on their energy bill. 

Whether you’re one of the many Aussie households considering switching, or you’re moving and searching for a competitive service, comparing providers can be overwhelming. You may be able to review rates with a simple online search, but what about the stuff that really matters like customer service, green energy benefits, and transparency?

Let’s take a look at how you can gain the clarity you’re searching for. By looking outside of pricing and focusing on value and compatibility, you’ll have no problem choosing a provider that’s a perfect fit for you.

What are your energy priorities and needs?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to energy services. Considerations such as your household size, energy consumption habits, and lifestyle should all be factored into the equation. For example, if green energy and flexibility matter more to you than costs, then the cheapest option might not be the best choice.

When comparing electricity and gas providers, think beyond price.

Personalised service

How reliable is their customer service? Do they treat you as an individual, or are you waiting on the hold every time you call with an issue? Are their customer service representatives based on Australia or overseas? Being able to access customer care quickly and via your preferred channel can make a world of difference any time there’s an outage or a question on your bill.

Green energy

It’s 2020 – we get it, sustainability and energy efficiency are on everyone’s mind. Is your energy company living up to your eco expectations? If a green plan is important to you, look for features such as energy checkups and EV (electric vehicle) energy plans. Some of the greener energy companies will also offer carbon offsetting and green power, giving you the choice to contribute to the renewable energy industry.


How do you like to engage with utilities? Do you prefer a purely digital experience for payments and customer service, or is it important that you can access other options such as mail-in payments, online chat, and phone services?


Are there lock-in contracts and exit fees to worry about or do you have the freedom to switch your energy plan when you want to? What about payment options – can you choose when to pay, such as every quarter or month? Can you set up easy automatic debits to pay your bill?

Cost and financial benefits

Competitive pricing is a great perk, but today, electricity and gas providers’ pricing doesn’t vary significantly. That’s why exploring what you get from your service beyond cost savings is so important. Look for competitive prices and low fees as well as value-added perks such as discounts and households savings benefits.

Find an energy service you can feel good about

Trust, convenience, flexibility, and customer service all matter when choosing electricity and gas services, which is why putting in the time to find an energy provider you’re happy with is worth the effort. Here’s the good news – you’re not going to have to spend hours digging through provider websites and brochures to figure out what’s best for your household.

Unlike other comparison sites that focus on pricing, Comparable gives you the full picture, instantly. Simply enter your preferences, and the platform will give you options tailored to your needs. The best part – you’ll also get savings on common household expenses like fuel, insurance, and fashion with special discounts and rewards. That means you’ll have more money in your pocket plus full confidence that you’re getting excellent value from your energy provider. Try it today!

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