How Value-Added Services Can Increase Your Energy Savings

Mounting energy bills can be frustrating. If you have tried and failed to cut down your energy bills through increased energy efficiency, you might consider an alternate energy supplier. Changing your energy retailer, especially through a company that provides value-added services, can drastically increase your overall household savings.

Value-added services are discounts, rewards, and other benefit services that provide savings in addition to the savings delivered from an alternate energy supplier. Look for an energy comparison site that delivers these savings, in addition to finding savings for your energy bill.

If you, like most people, are interested in saving more money on your daily expenses, it makes sense to consider switching to an energy company that provides value-added services to increase energy savings.

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Value-Added Service Options

You may be wondering what value-added services actually are. As mentioned previously, value-added services are services (or products) that are provided by a company in addition to their main products or services. These services are so that the user can get a discount or benefit from a partner program. The user gets rewarded with other benefits, like discounts on everyday household expenses..

A very common example of value-added services is a rewards program. Rewards programs offer discounts, vouchers, or coupons on your everyday expenses. Categories include: fuel discounts, restaurants discounts, shopping discounts, entertainment discounts (like movie tickets), insurance discounts, and travel discounts.

For example, through a partnership with your energy company, you may be able to receive a discount of $0.05 per litre on your fuel. Or, if available, you may instead choose to receive a free ride with their local rideshare company.

Common Uses of Value-Added Services

The range of value-added services depends on the partnerships available with a given energy company.

If the energy company that you chose has a partnership with Kayo, you could get a free Kayo subscription in addition to your energy discounts. Value-added services might be applied to local restaurants, grocery stores, shopping centers, or utility companies.

Imagine a comparison site that calculates the energy and household savings from value added rewards for you! An energy comparison site like Comparable will calculate the estimated savings for both energy savings and household savings from rewards for you. If you input your average spending for groceries, rent, utilities, bills, and so on, Comparable will calculate your personal energy and household savings from switching to a preferred new energy retailer.

Using Value-Added Services to Increase Energy Savings

Considering a home and lifestyle budget, it can be nearly impossible to save money on essential items. You may consider shopping wholesale, shopping only when deals are offered, or buying on the sale rack. You maybe have considered and reconsidered your budget over and over again, but have continually failed to find ways to save money when it comes to normal spending and fixed expenses.

Luckily, value-added services like select discounts on services, products, and bills can drastically decrease the cost of your daily expenses. For example, if you can save an additional 15{b97b4616f461d16b27110a2dd6683df897a200d6ccd5c843189eab53e6144ef9} on car insurance every month, you are ultimately saving more by switching to an alternate energy provider.

Instead of paying upward of $2,000 annually on car insurance, this discount would save around $300 annually. With this extra $300 dollar savings, you would be able to use that money towards other purchases that you want or need.

How Value-Added Services Can Increase Your Energy Savings

By saving energy in other areas of your life, it is clear that value-added services offered by an energy company can increase your energy savings. You will be able to worry less about pinching pennies and be rewarded for switching to an energy company that makes sense for you.

With an energy comparison site, consumers can compare retail plans that best suit their needs while reaping additional value-added rewards.

See today how Comparable can increase your energy savings.

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