Want real savings on your energy bills? Think beyond discounts and rebates!

Energy is one of the essential services that we all cannot afford to lose. However, due to the price crunch that the energy industry is experiencing, the cost of electricity becomes really distressing for us. Having to worry every time the energy bills arrive makes us look for any discounts and rebates we can get. However, for financial viability, we should look for other value-added services and not just focus on minor discounts and rebates. Dealing with an energy broker should be more than just about money, there should be other value-added services that they should offer you. Here are the top 5 value-added services that you should look for before accepting your new energy deal:

1. Dedicated Account Manager

As you know over the last 10 years the energy prices have gone up 10 times. There are new discounts and offer coming in all the time. And now the change made by the government in the form of Victorian default offer and Default Market Offer. It can be extremely time consuming and confusing to keep on top of all these changes and also to make sense of how these changes affect you. Having a dedicated account manager who knows your lifestyle and usage pattern can take the guess work out of energy bills. This is a sure shot way to ensure you are always getting a great deal. A great deal that works for you.

2. Hassle-Free Switch

The job of an energy comparison company is to make sure to be at your service in any way possible. If you, as a customer, wish to switch to a better energy plan or retailer, the company should be able to help you make the switch smoothly and promptly. Keeping you informed with email communication about the status of your accounts comes in as a great value added service. Peace of mind is priceless.

3. An On-going Health Check

What good is it if your energy broker give you a good deal today and never checks back to see if you are constantly on a competitive offer. Periodic health check of your accounts is a great way to stay on top your bills and anyone who wants your business should at least offer this as a value add. You and your account deserve ongoing service commitment.

4. Moving houses Worry-free

How many stories have you heard about people moving into new properties and all the excitement watered down as they get in and there is no power. Candle light dinners can be romantic but not if its not by choice. Waiting in queue to talk to a customer service rep from your energy retailer who is most likely based somewhere overseas can be one of the most frustrating jobs especially when you have better things to do. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just send an email and everything worked like magic?

5. Lifestyle focused energy deals

Your energy bills should be match your lifestyle, and not the other way around. Energy bills shouldn’t be only about discounts and rebates but how to best manage your usage.


How would you like an offer that comes with free movie tickets for your family but charges you $5 extra per month on your energy bills? You are paying more on your energy bills but enjoying 1 evening per month on your energy retailer. What the cost/value of that? Find out how.