How Does Switching Energy Suppliers Work?

If you have shopped around and made the decision to switch your energy supply retailer, you might be wondering what the process is like when the time comes to actually make the switch. Switching supplies can be relatively easy,and is regulated to protect you.

Here’s how switching your energy supplier typically works in Australia:

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First Find the Right Energy Supplier

The process to switch your energy supplier might depend on the ways that you found your new
supplier. For example, one common way to switch an energy retailer is by using an energy plan
comparison site like Comparabill to compare the energy prices, features and benefits provided
by the energy retailers that service your area.

If you compare through a site like Comparabill, you can easily swap energy suppliers through
the platform itself. This means that you don’t need to call your current energy retailer to cancel
or the new retailer to set up your account. Once you agree to go with a new supplier through the
Comparabill website, you will enjoy energy savings and everyday household savings from
value-added rewards offered by Comparabill. Comparabill manages the switch on your behalf.

What to Expect When Switching Energy Supplier

The good thing is that there is not much that you need to do when switching your energy retailer.

Once you decide to switch via Comparabill, the process is follows:

  • Comparabill alert your new retailer of your consent to switch your energy supply to them.
  • Your new energy retailer will send you out a welcome pack in 3-4 business days. You have not switched at this stage.
  • The welcome pack contains rates, discounts, terms and conditions, and payment options from your new retailer.
  • Once the welcome arrives, you have a 10 business day cooling off period to read through all the details in the welcome pack.
  • At the end of the 10 day cooling off period, the energy distributor in your area will facilitate the switch to your new retailer. After one last meter read, you will receive one last bill from your current retailer, and the next bill will come from your new retailer.
  • All you need to do is read the welcome pack, the rest happens automatically. You do not need to contact your current retailer. It’s quite painless for you.

Fees Associated With Switching Energy Suppliers

If you are moving to a new premises, there may be a disconnection fee associated with leaving
your current premises, and a connection fee associated with connecting power to your new

Be sure to inquire about these fees before you make the transition; although, the energy bill
comparison site that you use might display this information as well. Confirm that the correct
amount was charged on each bill.

How Long Does it Take to Switch Energy Providers?

Once you have agreed to a contract or plan with a new energy provider, they will begin the
process of switching over your energy supply. However, the energy supply is not simply
swapped over at that time.

As per the process outlined above, it is reasonable to assume that switching energy providers
takes about 6 weeks until the process is complete. Now it is possible to expedite this transfer,
but this would require that a technician goes out for a special metre read and you would
probably have to pay for this. Not all retailers offer this expedited process.

Switching Your Energy Provider Today

The process to switch your energy provider is simple and painless. With an energy bill comparison site like Comparabill, you will be provided with an accurate estimate of the cost savings from switching to a new energy retailer. In addition to this, consumers who shop through Comparabill are able to reap additional value-added services! Reap additional savings through discounts on car insurance, restaurants, shopping, daily items, and much more.

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