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We are an energy comparison company that have helped thousands of Australians save money on their energy bills. We have some of the leading energy providers on our panel and we donate to charity every time a customer switches energy providers with us on this platform.
We bring together a network of energy suppliers and compare their offered rates on different electricity and gas plans. We put the power in your hands (pun intended) to decide which price is the best and provide the switching service free of charge. You may be asked to provide some documents, but we’ll arrange the connection and send you any relevant information. It’s as easy as crackin an egg!
We know that without you, we wouldn’t exist! So, our commitment to you is that you will always be our number one priority. Everything we do, every decision, every interaction with you are guided by our mission to save you time and money!
  • 100% free to use & convenient!
    Use our free DIY deal finder and don’t even have to speak with anyone. Find a better deal, no matter where you are. On the bus, during your Yoga class, from the office when the boss isn’t watching or from home while the kids watch Frozen for the hundredth time.
  • You get a better deal, no sign up needed!
    No one wants to get married after the first date… To compare and find a better deal, you do not need to commit to anything. You don’t even need to give us your details (apart from your address) or speak to anyone. No strings attached!
  • It’s all done for you!
    We handle all communication with your new and previous retailer. Our team members are experts in staying on hold, so you don’t have to and can spend your time on the more important things in life! Your power and/or gas will be switched over automatically for you and you don’t have to do anything.
  • Responsibility to Give Back
    We consider it our responsibility to take care of fellow Australians. That’s why for every connection you make through us, $1 goes to the charity of your choice. Doesn’t sound like much but so far we have switched 50,000 Aussies to a better plan. We leave the maths up to you. We are all in this together and it’s time for businesses to do more!
  • Australia-based Team
    Our team is 100% based in Australia, and we promise there won’t be long waiting times, boring music or answering machines, just 24/7 support.
The service provided by us is completely free for the customers. Comparable assists the energy retailers by connecting them with the customers who are in the market looking for better deals, like yourself. It’s the energy providers who pay us not the customers. However, our alliance lies with you, not the energy retailers. We are the wind in your sails and the sun on your solar panels. Not only do we give 100% unbiased recommendations when we compare plans for you, we also negotiate with retailers with your best interest in mind, not ours!
Prices displayed for Energy retailer offers are before discount, so if we do it right, you can save even more!
We can compare plans for you with as little information as just the postcode or suburb name. However, that will just be an estimate based on average usage in your distribution area with a household size similar to yours.
Here at Comparable, we have a strict privacy policy. We work in line with Australian Privacy Law. We do not share our customers’ details with anyone. We would only pass on your details to the energy provider to help set up the services for you.
It is ok to change your mind. The energy providers give you 10 days cooling-off period after you receive a welcome pack in the mail from the retailer. During this 10-day cooling-off period you can change your mind and go back to your old energy provider if for whatever reason you are not satisfied.
You do not need to contact your energy provider before switching your account. The switch is done for you by the energy distributor at the end of the cooling-off period. The only time you might have to do that is if you are in a lock-in contract with your energy provider (if you are on fixed rates), to avoid any exit fees.
You can change your energy provider even if you’re renting as long as the energy bills are in your name. However, if the utility bills are included in the rent that you pay then you won’t be able to change providers as your landlord is the authorised account holder.
You can still access the plans even if you don’t have your recent energy bills. All you need is the postcode or suburb name! We can provide you with an approximate amount for your energy cost based on the suburb, household size and the distributor in that area.
Residents of Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and ACT can choose their electricity and gas providers. Comparable services Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia currently.
There are several reasons that drive people to change their energy providers. For example, if you’re paying a higher price for electricity or gas than you need to. You may also wish to switch If you’re moving houses, or if you don’t like the customer service provided by your current energy provider.
Nada, niente, zero. Absolutely nothing!

We do not charge any fees for the use of our comparison tools, for switching, or for speaking to our utility agents.
There’s no best time to switch providers, however, it’s always advisable to compare your plan every once in a while, to make sure that you are receiving competitive energy pricing.
The whole process can take up to 1 month before you start receiving bills from your new energy provider. You will receive one last bill from your current energy provider depending on your billing cycle. Your new provider will not start charging you before the switch is complete.
Solar feed-in regulations differ from state to state and it may vary for different energy providers too. When switching, ensure you are aware of the Solar Feed in Tariff offered by your new retailer.
In recent years there has been a massive change in the energy industry in Australia. The competition policy laws were eased in the energy industry leading to a major increase in the number of energy retailers in the market. In turn, this has led to more competition in the market and better prices for the consumers.
Yes. There are several components that impact the price of energy. Electricity and gas prices can vary a lot depending on the distributor cost in that state. How the energy is being generated also plays a big role in the price of electricity and gas.
Renewable energy is produced from natural resources that aren’t depleted when used. It’s the preferred energy option for the future both in Australia and around the world, mainly because it won’t run out, unlike coal and other fossil fuels. As renewable energy doesn’t contribute to carbon emissions, it also won’t negatively affect climate change as significantly.
Solar power is a common form of renewable energy, generated from the sun’s heat or from sunlight. Captured through the use of solar panels, often on the roofs of residential and commercial properties, the energy produced is converted into electricity or used to heat air, water, and to power homes, businesses, and batteries.
There are a multitude of reasons for rising electricity prices in Australia. One of the main ones has been the need to invest in maintaining and improving the network infrastructure in order to increase capacity in a growing population. Another factor has been the need to address environmental issues, which means minimising the use of coal plants and creating more renewable energy sources.
Smart meters are designed to measure and record your electricity usage. This data is then transmitted every 30 minutes to your electricity distributors (the company that owns and maintains the grid, poles, and wires). Your energy provider also receives the data and may make it available to you via a web portal or app, allowing you to monitor your energy consumption, better manage your costs, and compare different offers that may be more suitable. It also allows your meter to be remotely read by your provider, which means no more estimated bills. It can quickly notify your distributor if there’s a power outage, which means the problem can be located faster, repair crews can be allocated quicker, and repairs can begin sooner.
Companies and organisations in Australia and around the world are trying to reduce their carbon footprints to help address increasing environmental concerns. One way many are doing this is by aiming to become carbon neutral. This is when an entity’s net greenhouse gas emissions are equal to zero.

Achieving this requires a company to reduce their emissions as much as possible, and then purchase carbon offsets equivalent to the remaining emissions. This allows them to contribute to a range of social, environmental and economic outcomes, such as providing employment for local communities and supporting the maintenance of habits for native animal and plant species.
Once you start comparing green energy plans, you’ll find that every retailer has their own way of either generating or purchasing renewable energy from their network. One common green energy plan is one where you can sponsor a percentage of your energy usage (from 10% to 100%) to be generated from renewable sources. Although this renewable energy won’t be supplied to your home, your electricity retailer will purchase it on your behalf and feed it back into the grid.
The Green Power Program is a government-managed scheme that allows Australian households and businesses to match their electricity usage with certified renewable energy, which is then pumped into the grid by their provider on their behalf. When you purchase a Green Power certified product from your energy retailer, they buy the equivalent amount of electricity as nominated by you from accredited renewable energy generators, which generate electricity from sources like wind, solar, water and bioenergy.
Green Power plans have a higher tariff than standard electricity plans because currently it entails building a new infrastructure for the grid. However, like any other new technology, as the infrastructure develops and the demand for renewable energy rises, the costs should decline over time.

Comparable are excited to offer you a retailer called Ovo Energy that delivers 10{b97b4616f461d16b27110a2dd6683df897a200d6ccd5c843189eab53e6144ef9} green power at no extra cost.
Your energy distributor is the company responsible for providing power or gas to your property. They own and maintain the distribution networks, including power lines, poles, wires, and gas pipelines that carry electricity to your home or business.
Tariff is the amount charged for providing energy under your contract. It comprises both fixed and variable charges. A fixed charge is the amount you pay to cover the cost of supplying energy to your address. This can appear on your bill as ‘daily supply charge’ or ‘service to property charge’ depending on the retailer. The variable charge is the amount you pay for each unit of electricity and/or gas you consume.
This is a fee that is charged per kilowatt-hour of electricity usage, or per megajoule of gas usage.
This is a daily fee that covers the connection of electricity and/or gas to your home.
This is a rate paid to you by your retailer for all the electricity you send back to the grid from your solar panels. This rate varies by retailer, and is paid to you in the form of a credit on your bill.
This refers to a measure of electricity usage. Your total electricity consumption is a product of power used in kilowatts, and the time measure in hours.
Refers to a measure of gas usage. One million joules = 1 megajoule. Your gas usage is measured in Megajoules.
NMI stands for National Meter Identifier. This is a unique number used to identify the electricity meter at your property. Your electricity bill will contain your NMI.
MIRN stands for Meter Installation Reference Number. This is a number that is used to identify the gas meter at your property. Your gas bill will contain your MIRN number. It is also referred to as DPI number sometimes.
Yes, we can. Electricity and gas bills can be a serious expense depending on what kind of business you are running. It’s advisable that you compare energy plans regularly to find a more affordable energy provider in order to minimise the overhead energy expense. Please call our energy experts to help you with your business energy switch on 1300754155.
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